Job Site of the Month: Florida CareerLINK

By Arthur J. Byrnes
Contributing Editor

Do you hate "Blind" ads? You know, the ones where they describe the job in great glowing terms, but don’t tell you the name of the company. It makes you think its a scam or that they are ashamed of the company. If so, you’ll love FloridaCareerLink!

The site is amazing. Throughout the site, they list their clients by name, along with the jobs offered by the clients. This site is so refreshing, after dealing every day with paranoid recruiters who don’t even list the city where a job is located.

Want to work for Pepsi, Primeco, Lockheed, or User Friendly? They have the listings, and they have them in a simple easy to read format. The listings for each company include, a description of the company, the benefits, and links to the detailed job descriptions. The job listings are detailed, and most include the salary range.

The variety of jobs is incredible! So many on-line job sites only list computer related jobs. FloridaCareerLink lists everything from clerks to lab techs, to engineers to CIO’s.

You can put your resume in their on-line data base, but be careful one of the questions they ask is a little too private. There is no reason to give your Social Security Number until actually filling out a private job application. You can leave the SSN field blank.

Once you have put in your resume, you can apply for any of their listed jobs, by just clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Your resume is also searchable by the companies and recruiters that subscribe to the site, so you may get an e-mail job offer!

If you are looking for a job in Central Florida, don’t miss the FloridaCareerLink site, Good Jobs, Good information, and its free.

Copyright 1999 Direct Target Publishing. All rights reserved. The following article was published in the April 1999 issue of User Friendly Computer News and is reprinted with permission.

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